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Water Damage – Buffalo Grove Home

Water damage occurred at this Buffalo Grove home when a large line of thunderstorms carrying high winds tore a large section of roofing from the house. The area... READ MORE

Conference Building Suffers Water Damage in Buffalo Grove

Large amounts of rainwater that penetrate a building flow by the force of gravity downward and significantly affect structural coverings, supports, and the ceil... READ MORE

Mold Remediation In Vernon Hills

Mold will grow and thrive where there is moisture and your bathroom is the perfect place. The sooner you contact SERVPRO, the sooner our team of mold remediatio... READ MORE

Storm Damage - Buffalo Grove Home

Storm damage was severe at this Buffalo Grove home. The roof had been breached during the storm, and the rainwater was torrential. The ceiling in the interior o... READ MORE

Lake Zurich Beauty Salon Needs a Make-Over

After the flood deposited muddy, contaminated water in this Lake Zurich business, immediate water removal can help mitigate damages and get the scheduled appoin... READ MORE

Water Damage Restoration In Lake Zurich

SERVPRO of Buffalo Grove / Lake Zurich are leaders in the water restoration industry, and we have a staff of trained and certified specialists. Once our team re... READ MORE

Storm Damage - Buffalo Grove Home

Storm damage at this Buffalo Grove home was due to the storm damage causing a leaky roof. The storm was severe and carried high winds causing the roof damage. W... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage – Buffalo Grove

Commercial water damage occurred at this Buffalo Grove business facility when the roof was breached during a terrible thunderstorm carrying high gusty winds. Po... READ MORE

Mold Damage – Buffalo Grove Home

Mold damage was found at this Buffalo Grove home around the baseboard molding. When SERVPRO of Buffalo Grove / Lake Zurich is consulted, we first perform a thor... READ MORE

Ceiling Collapse in Lake Zurich from a Water Leak

Water is very heavy; a gallon weighs about 8 lbs. So when a significant break occurs in the roof of a home in Lake Zurich, the waterlogged sheetrock ceiling pan... READ MORE