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Is Mold in Your Buffalo Grove Home a Side Effect of Winter Colds and Flu?

1/16/2019 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Is Mold in Your Buffalo Grove Home a Side Effect of Winter Colds and Flu? Added humidity in your home increases the chance of mold growth.

Winter Flu And Colds And Their Connection to Lake Zurich Mold Damage

In the Lake Zurich region, we close up our homes against the wintry blasts, keeping things warm and cozy inside. This practice, plus the occasional influx of cold, dry outdoor air, can reduce indoor humidity to desert-like levels. Adding moisture to the air through humidifiers, free-standing or built into the HVAC system, is a common practice. A balance should be struck to make sure the increase in water vapor does not promote mold growth.

Health care practitioners sometimes unwittingly spur mold damage in Lake Zurich when they suggest a vaporizer in your home. Young children or the elderly struggling with a cold or influenza can gain relief from symptoms when the humidity increases. Unfortunately, a spike in humidity levels might be enough to cause the invisible mold spores always on surfaces or in the air to grow and multiply. If the balance tips, our mold remediation crew can respond and help restore the equilibrium.

SERVPRO IICRC-trained technicians know what can stun a loving caregiver. The moist air from a vaporizer or humidifier eases a cough or sniffle as it feeds a microbial outbreak. We can remediate the mold outbreak and share with you the humidity readings that allow for comfort while avoiding mold growth -- experts advise a range from 30 to no more than 45 to 50 percent.

Our experienced remediation crew realizes you need fast and reliable help for this unintended consequence. We work with you, so you understand our EPA-developed methods. First, we contain the mold-afflicted area, using physical barriers or an air scrubber that seals the space with negative pressure and vents the contaminated air through filters outside. SERVPRO technicians ensure the safety of your family and themselves by wearing personal protective gear, preventing the tracking of moldy debris through other rooms of your home.

We use proven techniques to remove the mold entirely by scraping and brushing off nonporous surfaces. Methods such as soda blasting immobilize the mold growth and clear the residue from porous materials. SERVPRO crews bag up the debris and discard according to local hazardous waste regulations. Then we move on to disinfection with EPA-registered antimicrobials to inhibit rebound mold growth.

SERVPRO of Buffalo Grove / Lake Zurich is familiar with the stress of mold damage in a home, made even more troubling when the homeowner might feel personal error might be the cause. Give us a call at (847) 279-1940 for an evaluation and remediation plan.

Buffalo Grove was first settled by New Englanders in the 1840’s.  Read more here.

How Mold Damage Can Effect Your Lake Zurich Child Care Center

1/2/2019 (Permalink)

Commercial How Mold Damage Can Effect Your Lake Zurich Child Care Center Call SERVPRO when you find mold, they are the experts trained to handle anything.

Handle Mold Damage In Your Lake Zurich Child Care Center Confidently When You Partner With SERVPRO’s Expert Remediation Technicians

When you opened a daycare business in Lake Zurich, you committed to providing a safe and secure haven for the little ones. Their parents also need to be sure you have the ability and resources to respond to unexpected challenges that might affect their children. Exposing youngsters to mold infestation within the rooms they play, eat, and sleep causes great concern. We offer professional, EPA-developed procedures to abate the damage caused by microbial overgrowth. 

Mold damage is a “hot button” issue for any Lake Zurich business. Adding worries about how proximity to molds might affect young children elevates the issue to a catastrophe. Although mold spores are always present, when moisture causes the spores to multiply into ever-expanding colonies there is a fear of adverse health effects. Some individuals, including a subset of any child care center’s enrollment, can exhibit sensitivity to molds because of allergies or other susceptibilities. In addition, microbes can damage the structural components and contents of any business. Our technicians master solutions to all these concerns through IICRC training in Applied Microbial Remediation. 

The principles of mold damage abatement include containment, removal, and prevention. SERVPRO technicians achieve containment in a sensitive environment like that of a child care center through the use of physical barriers and negative pressure air-scrubbing technology. We take precautions to prevent the drift of mold spores and debris into unaffected areas of the center, permitting us to continue providing care to your charges even during remediation. 

Within the sealed-off remediation zones SERVPRO technicians, clad in personal protective equipment (PPE), brush and scrape away the mold colonies. We also use innovations like soda blasting to remove all traces of mold damage from even porous structural materials. If we have any question about the contamination of objects the children might contact we dispose of the articles along with the moldy debris.

Final cleanup includes vacuuming with HEPA-filtered equipment and treatment with EPA registered antimicrobials. The SERVPRO team also helps arrange for the elimination of the sources of water or moisture that caused the mold growth initially. If this step is neglected, the mold returns. 

SERVPRO of Buffalo Grove / Lake Zurich offers research-based mold remediation protocols developed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). If your business shows any signs of mold damage call us at (847) 279-1940 for an immediate consultation. 

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Is Mold Damage Hiding Underneath the Carpet in Your Vernon Hills Home?

12/18/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Is Mold Damage Hiding Underneath the Carpet in Your Vernon Hills Home? Mold only needs oxygen and moisture to grow. Call SERVPRO if you suspect mold in your home.

Common Places For Mold Damage To Hide In Your Vernon Hills Home

Mold spores are usually invisible to the naked eye and surround us in our Vernon Hills homes. They cause few problems until they grow after exposure to moisture. Frequently the first sign of mold infestation is a funny, musty smell a homeowner finds hard to pinpoint as to location. Call us if you suspect mold is behind an unpleasant odor and we help locate and manage it.

Mold damage can happen in any Vernon Hills home. Once spores activate because of a spill, leak, or even high humidity, they multiply quickly, often in out of the way areas of your dwelling. Along with the smell, you might notice staining or deteriorating pieces of drywall or ceiling tiles. Grout lines in a shower might show a feathery growth or the laundry area might have mold where damp clothing and linens rest before washing.

Although certain individuals can be susceptible to health problems because of a sensitivity or allergy when mold is present, of equal or more concern is the damage hyphae, the branching filaments of the growing fungi can visit upon the building materials of your home. SERVPRO can remediate mold, containing and removing current infestations and treating areas with EPA-registered antimicrobials to avoid regrowth.

Mold does not need sunlight. Only oxygen and water are necessary for the spores to thrive. If your home has a leaky pipe or an area of the roof where water pushes in mold can take hold before you notice. Within 24 to 48 hours of water availability, mold spores absorb it and use it as fuel to spur further growth. Organic surfaces, including many building materials, then act as an incubator and living space. SERVPRO technicians are wise to the ways mold grows and spreads. We can help eliminate current mold colonies and work with you to prevent future infestations.

SERVPRO often finds mold under sinks, including under and behind the cabinetry surrounding the plumbing. Fixing leaks is paramount to resolving this type of infestation, and thorough drying and effective mold removal are essential. During the winter months, mold can grow in a room with excessive humidity. Commonly this is traceable to the use of vaporizers and humidifiers to ease dry air concerns. Metering humidity levels and keeping them in the 30 to 50 percent range helps greatly and limits new colonies after mold remediation.

SERVPRO of Buffalo Grove / Lake Zurich works with homeowners struggling with mold damage. We help troubleshoot so that mold remediation does not become a constant need. Call us at (847) 279-1940 to set up an evaluation if you fear mold damage in your home.

Vernon Hills was established in 1958.  Click here to read more.

Your Best Guide to How Fire Damage Affects Your Mundelein Home's HVAC System

12/15/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Your Best Guide to How Fire Damage Affects Your Mundelein Home's HVAC System When your heating and cooling system is affected by fire and subsequent soot, contact SERVPRO for remediation and cleaning services.

Soot Damage in Your Mundelein HVAC System

When even a smaller scale situation occurs in your Mundelein home that leaves smoke and soot damages behind, these effects can spread readily throughout the home through the HVAC system. No matter the time of the year, most homes throughout the area condition the indoor air to match a specific desired temperature which steadily circulates air throughout the house. With soot and smoke, these effects can move quickly through all of the connected rooms even when the fire itself remained localized to one area of the home.

Overcoming this situation, and other fire damage effects in your Mundelein residence, you need experienced professionals that can arrive quickly to mitigate your losses. Our SERVPRO team can begin our assessment of the spread of the damage from the moment that we arrive at your address, and this process doubles as an estimation for the work to get done. Those who determine that filing an insurance claim is cost-effective for them can benefit from this initial inspection, as it provides the insurance adjuster with all of the pertinent details required to file a claim.

Our professionals have unique tools and methods for cleaning the HVAC system and the portions of each room affected by the spread of soot through this ductwork. With high-powered vacuums and bristled brushes, we can clear out the ducts from any settled residue and debris left behind after the fire. We can also provide premier cleaning approaches with industrial-strength cleaners and solvents to restore the look and functionality of affected surfaces like walls and ceilings.

Deodorizing the area is another concern when these effects spread throughout the ductwork from room to room. The SERVPRO team at your house can use our thermal foggers to eliminate the harsh odors left behind by wet smoke both in open areas and what seeps into the contents and materials throughout the property.

Fire damages present themselves in several ways. When you go to overcome these effects in your home, trust in our SERVPRO of Buffalo Grove / Lake Zurich rapid response team to arrive quickly with the tools and trained technicians to make a difference fast. Give us a call today at (847) 279-1940.
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Lake Zurich Properties Are Flood Loss Prone--Ask SERVPRO for Cleanup and Mitigation

12/4/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Lake Zurich Properties Are Flood Loss Prone--Ask SERVPRO for Cleanup and Mitigation Seasonal Cold Causes Flooding in Lake Zurich Homes--Call SERVPRO for Cleanup and Mitigation

Crazy Weather Patterns Cause Late Fall Flood Damage In Lake Zurich

As the seasons change in Lake Zurich, the weather you might expect can vary from your memory. Post-Thanksgiving storms in the greater Chicago area included a wintery mix, a rainy drizzle changing over to wet, heavy snow. A home that sustains roof or siding damage from the storm can experience flooding in its lower levels. No matter how the floodwaters arrived, we can help.

If your Lake Zurich property struggles with unexpected flood damage, contacting a reputable remediation company is a must. The colder temperatures make an already troubling situation even more difficult. When the integrity of your home is breached you need help fast, and finding a company that can handle all aspects of flood mitigation is vital.

Our SERVPRO crews begin your project by ensuring a company can tarp and board up any holes or windows in your structure. Meanwhile, an experienced crew chief evaluates the flood damage on every level. Melting snow and ice that entered your home through the roof or siding can affect many areas of your structure as it makes its way down to your lowest levels. Ice dams can force future frozen water thaws to exacerbate the already damaged structure.

Any standing water 2 inches or deeper SERVPRO crews extract with pumps. Our service vehicles are mounted with water extractors that can use generators on the truck for power if the storm has cut off electricity. The extractors are useful on stairs, floors, and carpeting on all affected levels. As the water moved in it might have collected in cavities and recesses. We use sophisticated moisture detectors and scanning devices to find hidden moisture.

After water removal, SERVPRO technicians use the moisture readings to determine drying goals. We set up air movers, heaters, and dehumidifiers to dry out the spaces damaged by the rain and snow melt. Continuous monitoring of the wetness of various structural components and fixtures guides the drying process. During this portion of the project, we treat areas damaged by flood waters with EPA registered antimicrobials. Vigilance is needed even during cold weather to watch out for mold growth in damp areas. Flood waters often carry pathogen-carrying debris from roofs and the ground, increasing the need for sanitization.

SERVPRO of Buffalo Grove / Lake Zurich works 365 days a year to assist members of our community with disasters, including flood damage. Call us at (847) 279-1940 24 hours a day to respond to your flooding emergency. 

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Why SERVPRO is Your Preferred Partner for Water Removal Services In Buffalo Grove

11/30/2018 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO Why SERVPRO is Your Preferred Partner for Water Removal Services In Buffalo Grove Water invading your home? Call SERVPRO. We have the experience and equipment for all of your water removal needs.

Why SERVPRO Meets the Need For Water Removal Services In Buffalo Grove

Water damage restoration companies serving Buffalo Grove are not all the same. When you face the need for water removal, be sure you engage a company that has a full-spectrum capacity to help you through all the steps in the water loss mitigation process. Highly-trained technicians, sophisticated and evolving technology, and speed and capacity set our abilities apart from other options. 

It is important to remove water from your Buffalo Grove home as quickly as possible. If a water heater cracked or a dishwasher supply line broke, a significant area of your dwelling can feature standing water. The damage easily spreads as water soaks into fixtures and structural components. Houses also have numerous spaces between walls, over ceilings, and in a wide variety of other cavities where water collects unseen. 

All trapped and visible water needs removal fast. The reasons why SERVPRO is your preferred partner in water extraction are many. We answer calls 24/7, and our signature green service vehicles carry a full array of submersible pumps, wanded water extractors, and drying equipment. Once our crew chief assesses the damage, our employees are on the job without any delays. 

Our crew members are trained in moisture monitoring and scanning for hidden caches of water. High-tech moisture meters and infrared thermal imaging and data logging tasks completed by our employees gives us a comprehensive grasp of the extent of water removal needs. SERVPRO crews then work to release and remove quantities of water before moving toward structural drying to normalize moisture levels. 

One subcategory of water removal we excel at managing is water trapped in and under flooring systems. The expense and disruption of tearing out hardwood or tile floors because of progressive water damage are why SERVPRO seeks new technologies. We employ a negative pressure water extraction system using mats flush on the floor attached to hoses connected to the Injectidry machinery. Water is pulled from several layers without a tear out. 

The Injectidry system also helps to dry out cavities. Our trained technicians drill holes to allow for either a negative or positive blower pattern to dry out hard to access areas. Our investment in these innovation shows why SERVPRO offers a higher level of water removal service. 

Give us the chance to show why SERVPRO of Buffalo Grove / Lake Zurich is a water removal industry leader. Call (847) 279-1940 as soon as you realize you have a water extraction need. 

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Why A Professional Restoration Company Should Handle Water Damage To Your Home In Lake Zurich

11/14/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage Why A Professional Restoration Company Should Handle Water Damage To Your Home In Lake Zurich Once the SERVPRO team removes the water, we then begin structural drying to avoid secondary damage such as mold growth.

Lake Zurich Water Cleanup Best Done By Professionals

Since soap and water typically are part of any cleanup operation in a Lake Zurich home, many homeowners minimize the damage excess water can do to the structure and contents of a residence. The harm water brings if it is not cleaned up thoroughly can be surprising and permanent. Fast action by professional water remediators saves time and money while preventing long-term damage.

There is a significant difference between the small quantities of water used to clean up everyday dirt and grime and a Lake Zurich water damage emergency. If plumbing lines leak or burst or water-using appliance malfunctions, gallons and gallons of water invade your home. Conventional building materials like drywall, insulation, and wooden framing soak up the water, risking deterioration in the process. Swift action by well-trained water remediation technicians halts the progressive deterioration caused by water, restoring your home to preloss condition.

The bucket and mop a homeowner uses to scrub floors essentially are useless when large quantities of water require cleanup. SERVPRO crews quickly assess the water damage scenario in your home within hours of your first call and then proceed to remove the water and dry out your property fast with the proper commercial-grade equipment always stocked on our service vehicles. Submersible pumps and truck-mounted extractors get the water removal job done using onboard power generators even if electricity is unavailable temporarily in the flooded spaces.

Our technicians understand how water migrates into hidden recesses inside your home, using scanners and moisture meters expertly, skills rarely possessed the average homeowner. This technology when applied appropriately ensures that our water cleanup efforts are comprehensive. Once the SERVPRO team removes the water, we then begin structural drying to avoid secondary damage such as mold growth. Proper drying techniques require a balance of air movement, temperature, and dehumidification to bring structural component moisture levels back to normal levels.

SERVPRO crew members train to Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) standards, supporting our techniques and making sure our services meet or exceed restoration industry water cleanup best practices. Water mitigation requires a step by step procedure that is not intuitive but has been mastered by our talented and hard-working employees.

SERVPRO of Buffalo Grove / Lake Zurich is always ready to dispatch a trained and well-equipped crew to solve your water cleanup dilemmas. Call us 24/7 at (847) 279-1940 for a swift response.

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The Most Efficient Way to Fire Damage Restoration in Wheeling

11/9/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage The Most Efficient Way to Fire Damage Restoration in Wheeling When fire damage affects your home, some items will need replacement but many simply need to be restored. Contact SERVPRO for remediation services.

Restoring Your Wheeling Home’s Contents Following a Fire

While preserving your Wheeling home’s structural integrity during a disaster might be a priority for every homeowner when possible, protecting the contents of the property often is more important still. These collected items, furniture, heirlooms, and keepsakes define the life you have lived and built in the house that you own. When a fire breaks out, you want to know that someone can protect these items and restore them to their original conditions if need be.

Fire damages can affect your Wheeling property in multiple ways. For preserving and restoring the contents of your home, the most common contributors to the damage of these items is soot and smoke. These effects are among the most widespread from fire and require specialized equipment and focused cleaning efforts to overcome. Preserving the at-risk items begins with the pack-out process from our SERVPRO Contents Department.

Pack-outs involve a specific team of our SERVPRO technicians that remove at-risk or damaged items from your home and take them to a safe and clean location. Often, this location is our local warehouse. We can focus our efforts on each item individually to catalog damages and work to restore each item to its original condition. This process can also serve to provide your insurance company the necessary information they need regarding a loss record and complete the estimation figures.

Once the steps have been taken to restore the home, including reconstruction or remodeling in areas substantially affected by the blaze, these items can get returned to where they once were. During their time with our professionals, you can have an accurate inventory available for where your contents are and what is happening to them while the home gets restored.

While many effects can result from a fire in your home, the damage to the contents of your property is a focal point for homeowners. Knowing that our mitigation efforts not only work to preserve what can get salvaged from the structure of your house, but also the contents therein, you can appreciate the need for professional restoration that our SERVPRO of Buffalo Grove / Lake Zurich team can provide. Give us a call today at (847) 279-1940.

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Are Mold Colonies Colonizing Your Lake Zurich Home?

10/31/2018 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO Are Mold Colonies Colonizing Your Lake Zurich Home? Mold loves crawlspaces! Call SERVPRO to inspect your home for mold colonies.

Locating Mold Damage in Your Lake Zurich Residence

There are many situations which threaten your Lake Zurich home throughout your time living there. While many homeowners must contend with natural disasters and the devastation they can cause, it is equally as problematic when homeowners face situations like mold and microbial growth. This presence in your home can threaten not only the structural integrity but also your family and pets living on the property. 

Learning how to identify mold damages or the presence of a colony in your Lake Zurich home is essential to making remediation and restoration simpler and more effective. If a homeowner can spot a problem as it begins, or identify a mold colony without seeing one, remediation technicians from our SERVPRO team can help to resolve the situation before it gets out of control. 

A leading identifier to mold growth in your home is the odor that active colonies emit. This symptom is a strong, musty scent that can indicate that a colony is actively growing nearby. This information can prove invaluable, as many colonies can grow and thrive inside of wall cavities, crawl spaces, and in areas challenging to see. The musty symptom here can help you to identify a colony, even if you cannot necessarily see one. 

Another symptom of early colonization is spotting, a situation where you can visually identify the beginning phase of mold integration into the organic materials of the affected area. Often the easiest material to see spotting on is drywalled surfaces. You are looking for an irregular pattern of spots, splotches, and dots in various hues. Surprisingly, not all residential mold is green or black, so if something appears to fit this description, it is worth reaching out to our SERVPRO inspection services. 

Routine inspections of your property can help you to identify situations like mold and microbial growth before they get out of control. If you do encounter the symptoms listed here, you should trust our SERVPRO of Buffalo Grove / Lake Zurich certified remediation specialists to help you take care of removal and restoration. Call us anytime at (847) 279-1940.

Lake Zurich was founded by Charles Paine in the 1830’s.  Click here for more information about Lake Zurich’s history.

Revealing the Lake Zurich Fire Damage Remediation Mystery in Your Store

10/19/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial Revealing the Lake Zurich Fire Damage Remediation Mystery in Your Store Fire damage includes the water that was used to put out the fire as well. Contact SERVPRO to discuss remediation services.

Restoring Fire Damages in Your Lake Zurich Clothing Store

Emergencies that occur to your Lake Zurich clothing store can have a dramatic effect not only on the profits that you stand to make but the investment in the stock that you carry as well. Something as potentially catastrophic as a fire can usually get quelled by the fire suppression system throughout your building, but this also comes with its own set of potential problems.

Recovering from fire damages to your Lake Zurich retail store might seem impossible when you get your first look at the scene, but with the right professional assistance, it does not have to remain insurmountable. Our SERVPRO technicians get trained in every facet of fire restoration, giving us a distinct advantage in these situations to know what to do (and when to do it) to preserve the contents of your store and the building that houses it.

One of the troublesome aspects of a fire in your shop is the effect that it has on the garments and fabrics stocked on shelves and hanging from the racks. While deodorization techniques that we employ can remove these smoke damages, it is often more prudent and efficient for your business for our technicians to dry clean them, which effectively removes both the smoke and soot damages that impact these items.

Secondary effects in your shop are also potential hazards to the materials like your flooring and electronics like the registers. When the sprinkler system engaged, it sought to extinguish the fire exclusively. What also happened, is saturation and pooling of water which requires the same immediate attention as the pressing fire damages. Our SERVPRO professionals have the equipment to extract the water and dry out the materials and contents of your building to prevent worsening conditions like mold growth.

While you cannot prepare for the possibility of a fire to your business, you can prepare to call the right team of professional restorers to help you clean up the mess. Our SERVPRO of Buffalo Grove / Lake Zurich emergency response team is standing by any time that you need us by calling (847) 279-1940.

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