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Remediating Mold Damage From Textiles in your Buffalo Grove Residence

6/6/2022 (Permalink)

Mold spots on a white wall Mold only needs oxygen and moisture to grow. Call SERVPRO if you suspect mold in your Chicago home.

Mold Remediation Is Available in Buffalo Grove

Mold is a nuisance that can cause unpleasant odors in your home. It is a living organism that uses enzymes to digest organic matter, converted into energy needed for continued growth. Over time, fungi can deteriorate textiles and organic materials like wood or gypsum board. Professional mold remediation is often necessary to curb microbial growth.

The presence of mold damage in your Buffalo Grove home can creep up unnoticed. Mold is well-known for growing in hidden recesses of a property because it does not require a source of light to grow and reproduce. Signs of microbial growth are often only noticed once the problem has become significant and mold colonies become visible or release malodors. Cleaning the surface of stains does not always address the underlying cause, so you may find that mold returns a few days after cleaning. These situations often require a professional remediation technician to address the source of the problem and use chemicals or equipment to prevent it from returning. Molds attach themselves to surfaces using hyphae, making them tough to remove. They can also spread rapidly through porous materials. Infested materials often have to be destroyed, controlled demolition entirely to remediate microbial organisms. 

Naturally Occurring Causes of Mold in a Home Environment

  • Microorganisms need water to grow, which means a mold problem often indicates a water leak or condensation issue somewhere in the home.
  • Organic, naturally porous materials like drywall allow microbes to penetrate them entirely and often require replacement.
  • Damp, dark areas of the home, such as the underside of carpets, can be ideal for mold damage.
  • It is typical for inexpensive, infested materials to be removed and disposed of altogether. However, some materials may have an inherent value that undermines the cost efficiency of destroying these items. SERVPRO technicians are IICRC certified and equipped with advanced machinery to restore certain high-value items following a mold infestation. Upholstery and drapery machines are built from three core elements. These include a heating element, a vacuum, and a waste tank. Plush carpets or upholstery with surface molds can often be restored to preloss condition by using this equipment in a process known as hot water extraction. A technician can fill the designated solution tank with a registered anti-microbial chemical or cleaning solvent. Hot water extraction helps rinse the affected material with cleaning fluid and then vacuum any debris or soiling into a waste tank to be disposed of safely. 

When deciding on the use-value of mechanical cleaning equipment, which includes both hot water extractors and the suspended cleaning system of Esporta washing machines, technicians must first calculate the cost of replacement versus the cost of restoration. It may often be cheaper and more time-efficient to dispose of mold-infested textiles. However, our technicians can use these advanced techniques and equipment to return precious belongings to a preloss condition in some instances. Understanding how this equipment works on textiles can be essential to calculating their use-value.

Hot Water Extraction Equipment and Their Components

  • The solution tank is fitted with a pumping filter to prevent soiling from entering the solution during the cleaning process.
  • Liquid cleaning solutions can include fabric conditioners, anti-microbial treatments, and carpet shampoos.
  • The waste tank can be removed and taken to a designated wastewater facility for safe disposal.

Mold can lead to extensive damage. Contact SERVPRO of Buffalo Grove / Lake Zurich for mold damage cleanup at (847) 279-1940.

How Extraction and Pumping Equipment Helps Buffalo Grove Residents with Water Damage

5/17/2022 (Permalink)

Water leaking from a crack in the ceiling SERVPRO technicians can detect hidden moisture from water damage in Chicago and properly remediate the damage.

SERVPRO is an Expert Water Removal Service in Buffalo Grove

A burst pipe can release hundreds of gallons of water into your home in a matter of hours. Small amounts of water can stagnate quickly, leading to secondary damage. Standing water can exert excessive pound-for-pound pressure onto wall jointing and floors. We are available twenty-four hours a day to help with your home emergency.

A water damage site in Buffalo Grove can occur at any time. One of the most powerful responses to a water intrusion issue is to enlist professional water restoration technicians (WRT). SERVPRO is a local service that employs qualified technicians and equips them with advanced equipment. We can help mitigate losses in your home by correctly deploying water extraction equipment. Suppose a burst pipe has released large amounts of water into your home, rising above two inches in water level. In that case, our team can bring submersible water pumps to reduce standing water levels and relieve pressure on the structure of your property. Pumps are usually driven by portable generators powerful enough to transport liquid water as far as twenty-five feet away from home and deposit it into a nearby sewer point. No water intrusion events are the same, so pumping equipment comes in various styles with different usage requirements.

Pumping Standing Water Out of a Residential Property Mitigates Water Damage

  • Waste (trash) pumps are capable of passing solid matter and water. We use these pumps when water comes from a contaminated source or has significant debris.
  • High-pressure pumps are helpful for underground areas of the home, such as basements, because they generate enough force to move water uphill.
  • Electric submersible pumps are among the most commonly used and can efficiently reduce standing water from home.

Reducing standing water levels ensures that the structure of your home is safe from damage. Pumping can also help to minimize water migration. Water migration begins immediately when water intrudes on a property and can pool inside wall or floor cavities. However, simply reducing the standing water level is not enough to mitigate water damage. Small amounts of moisture can weaken carpets by up to 50%, while wet surfaces significantly increase the likelihood of secondary damages such as mold growth. To mitigate against these potential damages, our technicians use water extractors. Extraction equipment comes in both portable and truck-mounted varieties. Truck-mounts can remove up to 100 gallons of water at a time, while portable extractors are helpful for upper floors and can hold 30 to 40 gallons before emptying. Extraction is much more efficient at reducing water residues than air-moving or dehumidification. Therefore, the equipment of choice when dealing with large amounts of moisture in a home.

Water Extractors and Their Usage Lessen Water Damage in Buffalo Grove

  • Weighted water extractors help to compress thicker carpets or textiles. Moisture is squeezed from the material to be extracted into a storage tank.
  • Light wand extractors can be used in tough-to-reach areas such as subfloors or in the home's upper levels.
  • Hot water extraction is a process that we use to remove contaminants from salvageable textiles such as carpets and is an effective cleaning tool.

Emergency mitigation can save thousands of dollars in restoration costs. Contact SERVPRO of Buffalo Grove / Lake Zurich for water damage restoration at (847) 279-1940.

Helping Hundreds of Buffalo Grove Homeowners Overcome Fire Damage

5/17/2022 (Permalink)

Fire damaged and soot-covered items in a home Fires and the damage they leave behind can be overwhelming. After your home in Chicago has suffered fire damage, contact SERVPRO.

We Use Professional Technicians for Fire Damaged Buffalo Grove Homes

There are 358,500 house fires in the US every year, according to data from 2022. Over 50% of these fires occur in the kitchen. Other common areas include bedrooms and chimneys. Emergencies like this can be hard to plan for because of their unexpected nature. SERVPRO is here to help return your fire damaged Buffalo Grove home to its preloss condition after a sudden disaster.

Technicians specializing in restoring fire damage in Buffalo Grove often act as the crucial contact between homeowner and insurance adjuster. Adjusters assess the necessary claims for your insurance while technicians perform the restoration. One task for technicians in the early stages of restoration is to consult and test the damages in your home. By physically testing soot deposits on your home's contents and structure, we can pass on accurate advice to an insurance adjuster. A pre-testing toolkit usually includes dry sponges, detergents, scraping tools, and measuring equipment. The toolkit is vital to allowing technicians to organize restoration, assess equipment needs, and sort salvageable versus non-salvageable materials. A home may appear irreparably damaged after a fire, but careful testing can prove that this is not the case.

Technicians Use Fire Pre-testing to Assess:

  • What parts of the structure and contents are cleanable. Cleanable items can reduce claims expense by restoration instead of replacement.
  • Color comparisons can provide definitive information on which parts of the home are unaffected and do not require additional work.
  • Testing allows us to present an accurate data set to your insurance adjuster, which can help to speed up the process and estimate the overall work.

Efficient pre-testing can help SERVPRO to coordinate production. Coordination can include putting together a roster of technicians with the right skill set to perform the restoration. These may consist of carpet cleaning specialists (CCT), odor control technicians (OCT), or even general construction experts (OSHA). We can also organize subcontractors such as electrical repair to ensure the production process runs smoothly. A job file is created with photographic evidence of damages caused by fire, forms such as the authorization to perform service, briefing notes, and documenting damages. Job files help us communicate with you about works done and pass notation onto your insurer for a stress-free claim.

Common tasks that result from pre-testing and coordinating production involve cleaning stubborn smoke residues and tackling odor problems. Smoke residues move into clean pockets of air during a fire. This movement can result in deposits building up in crevices and cracks. Sometimes, smoke can be stubborn to remove or greasy and wet. Using the results of our pre-test, we can use dry solvents to help dissolve soots into a solution. Applying a rinsing agent allows us to simultaneously remove both the soot and the solvent, leaving surfaces clean and smoke-free. Odor control often occurs once a property is clean and dry. If odors persist, advanced equipment such as misters are deployed to disperse deodorants into the environment.

Restoration Equipment That Tackles Smoke and Odor

  • Ultra low-volume thermal foggers (ULV) vaporize deodorants and allow technicians to fumigate large areas of the home quickly.
  • Chemical pairing agents in the ULV mist find odors and bond with them. This bonding process causes the particles to sink to the floor, where they can easily be cleaned.
  • Solvents for use on metal, wood, or textiles can be highly effective at cleaning, provided the material has been carefully pre-tested to avoid accidental damage.

A home can often be restored from smoke or odor without replacing all belongings. Contact SERVPRO of Buffalo Grove / Lake Zurich for fire damage restoration at (847) 279-1940.

Reasons to Opt for Expert Flood Damage Repair in Buffalo Grove

5/14/2022 (Permalink)

flooded basement with SERVPRO logo Flooded basements and first floor water damage cleanup is a cornerstone of SERVPRO services. We mitigate storm damage.

Hire SERVPRO for Flood Damage Repair in Buffalo Grove

One of the things that can be crippling to you as a homeowner is the risk of a flood during a storm. It can ruin your property. If the floodwater stands in your Buffalo Grove house for more than 24 hours, the damage can intensify, so quick action is necessary.

SERVPRO has the expertise required to perform storm flood damage repair in your Buffalo Grove house. We have cutting-edge equipment to restore your residence cost-effectively. Our process is as follows:

  • Emergency repairs
  • Floodwater extraction
  • Removal and disposal
  • Drying
  • Disinfection and deodorization
  • Reconstruction

Emergency repairs

When we get to your house, our technicians can inspect it to determine the entry points of the floodwater to carry out emergency repairs to prevent further entry. We can then assess the level of the damage. We can look out for hazardous situations like falling ceilings, electrical hazards, and deteriorated subfloors.

Floodwater extraction

Our SERVPRO team can use electric submersible pumps to extract any standing water over 2 inches deep. These pumps eliminate suction lift limitations to remove the floodwater continuously, quietly, and as quickly as possible.

Removal and disposal

We then sort through all the affected items and remove and dispose of those damaged beyond repair. They may include personal items, furniture, carpeting, and drywall.


Our SERVPRO technicians can use structural cavity drying equipment to direct air into wall cavities, beneath cabinets, and other structural cavities. The equipment substitutes moist, cool air with dry, warmer air. This increases the temperature of the surfaces and reduces the vapor pressure, increasing the evaporation rate for faster drying.

Disinfection and deodorization

To prevent microbial growth, our SERVPRO crew can disinfect your house. We can then apply deodorizers to remove bad smells.


We can get your house to its preloss condition by the necessary steps, ranging from repainting, hardwood floor repair, drywall replacement, and complete rebuilding of the affected parts.

If not well handled, flooding can cause massive damage to your home. Contact SERVPRO of Buffalo Grove / Lake Zurich at (847) 279-1940 for effective flood damage repair services. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Mold Damage in Your Lake Zurich Home

5/14/2022 (Permalink)

orange colored mold on walls by window SERVPRO suggests maintaining humidity in your Lake Zurich home at below 60% to help prevent mold growth.

Prevent Mold Damage Prevention in Lake Zurich—How?

No one wants mold in their Lake Zurich home. However, sometimes nature sneaks in, leaving a few patches of mold behind. Your carpeting, for instance, is a frequent target for mold, as it can easily trap moisture, attracting mold spores floating in the air.

Controlling your indoor humidity levels can significantly decrease mold damage in your Lake Zurich home. Mold does not need standing water to grow, areas of your home with high humidity and heat are more than enough to present mold with a suitable environment. It should be your goal to keep overall humidity levels in your home under 60%.

You can successfully prevent mold by removing carpeting from high humidity areas of your home, like your basement, bathroom, or laundry rooms. Also, consider having your home inspected by a qualified professional, like those offered at SERVPRO. We can help you determine which direction to take and make suggestions that help reduce the possibility of contamination throughout your home.

Installing dehumidifiers, ventilation, and choosing antimicrobial carpet padding can also help reduce problems involving mold and other bacteria in your home as well. While this padding may be a bit more expensive, it serves as a quality solution to help keep mold at bay. If you have water problems at any point, take the proper steps to remove excess water immediately by calling SERVPRO for help.

Remember, mold only needs a small amount of water, oxygen, and a food source to begin growing in your home. If you have water damage or a water intrusion of any kind, there could be water hiding underneath any carpeting in the affected area. SERVPRO technicians can help you determine whether your carpeting requires replacement or if in-place extraction and drying procedures can successfully prevent damages, like corrosion, rot, or mold.

Contact SERVPRO of Buffalo Grove / Lake Zurich for full-service mold remediation, cleaning, and restoration 24/7. We cover all of Wheeling, Hawthorn Woods, and Deer Park with quality solutions you can trust to control mold damage found on your property, today (847) 279-1940.

Fire Damage Cleanup in Lake Zurich by SERVPRO--The Right Choice

5/14/2022 (Permalink)

burning hearth, cuppa java SERVPRO says to inspect your chimney and hearth before next cold season to prevent a fire in your Lake Zurich home.

SERVPRO Technicians Provide Expertise When Dealing with the Aftermath of a Fire

With the cold weather finally gone in the Lake Zurich area, you are probably not using your fireplace to keep warm. If you have not considered the condition of your chimney in a while, however, it could turn your relaxing night into a disaster. Dirty chimney can cause fires. An intense, hot smell, loud popping or cracking noises, and lots of dense smoke can indicate a chimney fire. Check your hearth area before next winter season commences.
Even if the fire is caught early, the fire damage to your Lake Zurich home that is left behind is best handled by professionals. Fire, smoke, and soot, plus water damage from putting the fire out, all need to be dealt with quickly to avoid additional damage. Our staff at SERVPRO are specially trained to handle restoring your home after a fire.
When restoring smoke-damaged materials in your home, our goal is to restore them to their preloss condition. We follow simple methods of cleaning to do this. We carefully inspect the affected area to find smoke residues. Our inspection starts out close to the source of the fire, and then we trace the distance the smoke traveled in your home.
Different types of soot residues can be found in the same environment. SERVPRO techs pick a method of cleaning that removes the kind of residues in your home efficiently. The type of surface determines the cleaning methods and products which are safe for us to use. We carefully preserve the material or surface being cleaned, and some materials may not be restorable since they cannot hold up to the cleaning process.
Some residues can bond with the surfaces they contact, so we use dry or wet cleaning processes to loosen and carry the particles of residue away from the surface. We dispose of the cleaning debris and waste when we are done.
SERVPRO of Buffalo Grove/Lake Zurich works to clean your home after fire damage. Trust and call us at (847) 279-1940.

Commercial Flood Damage that Soaks the Inventory in Your Buffalo Grove Warehouse

4/18/2022 (Permalink)

flooded parking garage Flooded parking garages and warehouses Use SERVPRO for rapid water extraction.

SERVPRO Mitigates Inventory Loss from Flood Damage

Warehouses are typically safe locations that protect their contents from outside elements, theft, and other sources of damage. When goods become damaged, they also become losses, unable to be sold at their intended prices. When the cause of damaging effects comes from within the warehouse, the result can be catastrophic to any sized business. 

Warehouses contain products intended for many different companies waiting to be shipped out, making commercial flood damage in Buffalo Grove a significant problem for every business involved. When products must be re-manufactured to make up for the losses, this can result in downtime with all its related consequences.

SERVPRO can help decrease the effects of broken water lines that have caused flooding by refurbishing any inventory affected adversely. Invading water inside a warehouse is almost always clean at its source (Category 1). However, contact with various substances, with fertilizers in permeable containers and boxed detergents being some of the most harmful, this classification changes to Categories 2 or 3. 

Decontamination must also be part of the remediation process whenever category changes happen. This process prevents possible ill effects later, brought on by contact with the contaminated water. 

In effect, remediation of your flooded warehouse comes about by the following processes: removal of all standing water, followed by extraction and drying out of all surfaces, structures, and contents. Then the application of inhibitors (microbial growth and rust/corrosion) to appropriate surfaces, air scrubbers to remove microbes, pathogens, and other airborne particles, and dehumidifiers to re-establish a proper moisture level deodorization methods, as needed, to fulfill our customer's request. 

The professional technicians at SERVPRO of Buffalo Grove / Lake Zurich know the importance of your warehouse to the companies and businesses depending on you. Calling us at (847) 279-1940 as soon as you know that flood damage exists can keep inventory losses low, and speed up the process, so we finish faster.

Fire Damage Needs Not to Derail Your Dinner Plans for Long in Buffalo Grove

4/18/2022 (Permalink)

chef cooking over gas stove Restaurants are at greater risk of fire damage due to the hot stoves and ovens constantly burning.

SERVPRO Works Quickly and Efficiently to Restore Your Restaurant

Restaurants in Buffalo Grove are naturally more at risk than other businesses for a fire damage disaster. Anytime commercial stoves, fryers, and ovens operate, a momentary lack of attention can result in a fire. Because of food safety considerations, a restaurant fire requires a professional response. We can help.

Most restaurant kitchens have fire extinguishers or sprinkler systems on-site, so the fire damage to your Buffalo Grove pizzeria may seem minimal. Fires involving protein and grease exude a sticky, hard-to-remove residue, and standard cleaning techniques are not up to the challenge of eradicating it. Also, the odor remaining even after a thorough cleanup is not very appetizing. We have the skills, the products, and the equipment to manage these issues.

When the SERVPRO work crew arrives, water mitigation is the first concern. If your sprinkler system was engaged or firefighters used water to knock down flames, removing the moisture and drying the area is the most critical item of business. Slip and fall worries and the risk of electrical shock require management of the water issues before moving on to cleanup.

Then our crews tackle the residues coating the kitchen area. SERVPRO technicians study the types of soot and smoke residues resulting from the combustion of different materials and learn to match them with effective cleaning products and solvents. The tenacious film coating that burnt food and cooking oils create can necessitate abrasive cleaners and tools. We know the local rules concerning proper cleaning of food preparation areas and choose products and techniques with that in mind.

Although we initially concentrated on the restaurant area where the fire occurred, SERVPRO workers inspected and evaluated damage in other spaces. Smoke and soot drift and table linens, dishes, tables, and chairs require thorough washing and surface attention. Condiments might need to be discarded as contamination is likely because soot and smoke are invasive.

Any lingering smells are not good for a restaurant business. SERVPRO deodorization specialists systematically eliminate the sources of the smell. Any burned items need discarding, and surface areas require a thorough cleaning. If some surfaces retain an odor despite cleaning, sealing is an option. We also use professional sprays and thermal fogging, which duplicates the combustion environment, allowing neutralizing chemicals to find and change the composition of any odor-bearing particles still airborne. Hydroxyl generators also eliminate odors through a dynamic change in the makeup of the minute bits of burned food, plastic, or other materials that contain the smells.

SERVPRO of Buffalo Grove / Lake Zurich has the skilled crews and innovative tools and products to restore your fire damaged restaurant. Call to schedule an immediate consultation at (847) 279-1940.

Flood Damage Cleanup and Repair Buffalo Grove Residents Need

4/18/2022 (Permalink)

heavy rain hitting roof SERVPRO is there to help with all your flood and storm damage restoration needs.

After Storms in Buffalo Grove, Call SERVPRO for Rapid Flood Damage Help!

While homes get built to withstand extreme weather situations, emergencies can lead to storm flooding in the Buffalo Grove area. When the worst storms bring damage and interior flooding, SERVPRO is there to help with flood and storm damage restorations for area customers. We understand how much devastation heavy rain and storm damage can bring. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster and readily available 24/7 for a rapid response!

SERVPRO features IICRC-certified technicians with the ability to handle all kinds of storm flood damage in Buffalo Grove, including property damage, debris cleanup, water removal services, and reconstruction.

Proven methods and prompt action matter with restorations

  • Flooding -When you discover a leak on your property or the sump pump fails, you could be in for stormwater flooding. Our restoration technicians get in fast to extract the water while paying attention to any possible hazards and structural damage. 
  • Debris –With some storms, branches from trees and other debris may slam into your home. If you have a leaking roof from storms or broken windows, SERVPRO’s technicians will perform board-up and tarping services to protect your interior from the elements while restoration takes place.
  • Mold and Odors –Storms are known for bringing moisture that could lead to mildew and black mold development. Our skilled team knows how to address excessive moisture with dehumidification to bring relative humidity (RH) back to normal levels. We also go above and beyond to ensure no lingering odors get left behind after your flood damage project is complete. 

Flood damage after a storm does not have to leave you home in a state of devastation. Call us at SERVPRO of Buffalo Grove/Lake Zurich at (847) 279-1940, and we can dispatch a crew to your door as soon as possible to get started.

Choosing Among Reputable Mold Removal Companies in Buffalo Grove

3/14/2022 (Permalink)

picture of mold life-cycle SERVPRO, by understanding the mold life-cycle, can execute an effective mold remediation project in Buffalo Grove

Best Practice Adherence -- Why SERVPRO Tops the Buffalo Grove Mold Remediator List

When comparing mold removal companies in Buffalo Grove, the key is finding the firm that can offer both clean up of current fungal colony growth and inhibition of rebound infestation. If the remediation plan lacks specific action steps for moisture management, the chance of a long-term favorable outcome fades.

How Do Persistent Moisture Problems Affect Mold Abatement?

Ranking Buffalo Grove mold removal companies require knowledge of how fungal growth occurs. Tiny spores are everywhere in your home, benign when dry. Each has the potential to explode into an infestation upon exposure to a water source. Removing all spores from your house is impossible, but moisture management is achievable. Our water removal and drying reputation are without peer, why SERVPRO is a leader, experienced in planning and delivering the conditions crucial for reliable mold remediation:

  • Professional proficiency in emergency services that eliminate ongoing water incursions
  • A proven track record in successful drying of wet structural components, building cavities, and fixtures
  • Coaching for customers on proven strategies to avoid microbial growth through moisture management, including advising on appropriate relative humidity levels

What Is the Mold Remediation Industry Standard Protocol?

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) authored a research-based procedure adaptable for residential mold removal and prevention circumstances. Over time our results have been outstanding using this protocol, why SERVPRO follows its steps:

  • Identification and elimination of the fungal-feeding moisture
  • Location of the mold damage, including its spread inside building cavities
  • Containment of the affected area by closing off with heavy-duty plastic barriers, the seal enhanced through the action of negative pressure air scrubbing technology
  • Mechanical removal of the colonies with brushes, scrapers, and sometimes controlled blasting of media such as soda or dry ice
  • Vacuuming and spray and wipe off of residues
  • Collection and double bagging of moldy debris for lawful disposal
  • Application of EPA-registered antimicrobials to inhibit mold regrowth

Diligence and dedication to research-based mold remediation protocols are why SERVPRO of Buffalo Grove / Lake Zurich delivers sustainable results. Call (847) 279-1940 to discuss your options.