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Why We Are The Leader In Lake Zurich Fire Damage Restoration

1/7/2020 (Permalink)

A garage in a home covered in soot and smoke damage after a fire disaster Our advanced cleaning techniques and state-of-the-art equipment will restore your property to pre-damage condition after a fire.

SERVPRO Cleans Fire Damage in a Lake Zurich Home

Fire damage is daunting for any homeowner to clean. Not only is this type of damage frustrating to remove, but it can leave behind odors and residues that can potentially corrode other items in your home, particularly when they occur in the kitchen. When exposed to moisture, soot can become acidic and affect metals and plastics, which makes it especially important to choose professionals for your cleanup needs.

If your Lake Zurich residence has suffered fire damage, SERVPRO professionals are always ready to restore your home to a preloss condition. Whether you have suffered a kitchen fire, a fireplace accident, or other types of fire in your home, this team uses advanced technologies as well as an extensive knowledge of the scientific theory behind fire damage to remove issues. The goal is not just to remove debris, but also to prevent further corrosion from soot residues, creosote deposits, burnt proteins, and odor-causing particles.

SERVPRO's Extensive Training Programs

SERVPRO's extensive training and education includes a variety of learning sources to benefit franchise owners, technicians, and staff, including:

  • Employee certification, IICRC training, and initial franchise training modules
  • Crew training in fire and water damage restoration, as well as carpet and upholstery cleaning
  • Continuous, voluntary e-learning opportunities
  • Specialized training for franchise owners
  • Credit and noncredit courses and seminars for franchise staff as well as professionals in other industries

SERVPRO strives to offer a wide variety of educational opportunities to help professionals and crew members alike receive training that is beneficial to homeowners in restoring their properties.

How SERVPRO Can Help

After you contact your local SERVPRO, this team can come directly to your home and use a variety of cleaning methods to address fire damage. These methods can include both wet and dry cleaning, disinfecting with EPA registered antimicrobials, and specialized tools for removing soot and odor deposits from HVAC systems. 

SERVPRO also uses a broad selection of deodorizing tools to handle the foul odors that come from fires. These tools can include thermal fogging, odor counteractant beads, and OSHA-approved spray cleaners. Mechanical devices that alter the chemical composition of malodorous molecules like hydroxyl and ozone machines can also be deployed. For areas more directly affected by fire damage, including charred carpet, deodorizing materials may be sprayed or injected directly. Blast media used to remove char from surfaces, such as baking soda, can also have a deodorizing effect.

SERVPRO of Buffalo Grove / Lake Zurich is a team you can count on to be Faster to Any Size Disaster. Call (847) 279-1940 for disaster cleanup that you can count on any time.

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We Follow Proper Steps In Buffalo Grove After A Flood

12/26/2019 (Permalink)

A flood damaged ceiling with water spots and mold covering the area Our technicians use state-of-the-art equipment and scientific drying techniques during the restoration process after a flood.

Flooding from Above and Trapped Ceiling Water in Buffalo Grove

Storm damages can lead to substantial structural breaches in Buffalo Grove, including direct flooding from runoff or wind-driven rain through missing or collapsed portions of the roof. When flooding penetrates the house from above the primary living spaces, the likelihood of excess water becoming trapped in the ceiling cavity is high. Our SERVPRO team works to alleviate this threat and reduce the present structural risks that accompany this type of flooding.

Flood damage to Buffalo Grove homes can affect the property from different angles and penetration points, but migration between flooring can lead to substantial structural concerns. While our professionals must first perform emergency repairs to the property to prevent further flood damage or penetration, this is the preliminary step before beginning extraction and drying efforts. Because many attic spaces are unfinished, penetration into this area can directly affect the living space in your home beneath the ceiling drywall.

Drywall can withstand an onslaught of pressing water damages when the flood migration leaves ceiling cavities saturated. Once this water can begin to absorb into the drywall, the composition changes, and the material gets heavier. With excessive saturation, drywall can become too heavy to remain installed and collapse under its growing weight. This situation can pose a threat to our customers and our SERVPRO team, so we must reduce the trapped water as efficiently as possible.

In many cases, our licensed contractors must utilize controlled demolition techniques to remove any section of drywall too severely damaged to restore. In many ways, this can eliminate the pressing threat of collapse, but areas that might get subjected to trapped water but restorable can benefit from drilled holes that can allow water to drain out of the cavity and also serve as available points for the hoses of our positive pressure machines to work on drying out the cavity.

There are many steps involved in keeping our customers and technicians safe from the hazards present after flood damage. From complete build back and reconstruction to efficient extraction and drying, our SERVPRO of Buffalo Grove / Lake Zurich team can help. Give us a call today at (847) 279-1940.

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Wheeling Water Loss Problem? Let SERVPRO Mitigate the Damage!

12/11/2019 (Permalink)

flooded baby bedroom, crib, toys floating SERVPRO Works Hard to Extract Water from a Carpet in Baby's Room in Wheeling. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

How Light Wands Help with Water Extraction from Carpets in Wheeling Homes

Carpeting is a common element to most Wheeling homes. When water damage occurs in any capacity, one of the most susceptible materials is a carpeted floor. It is always the focus of our SERVPRO professionals to restore before replacing. As such, we have adequate moisture and water removal tools to help later drying efforts to be more productive.

 Extractors come in many shapes and sizes, but for overcoming water damage to Wheeling homes, it usually is either a submersible pump style or a variation of a wet vacuum. Attachments for these vacuums help them to be a versatile tool in the arsenal of our water restoration team. Much like the squeegee extraction tool we use to prepare hardwood flooring for focused drying efforts, light wands can help to remove moisture from both the upper carpet level and the padding beneath it.

Light wands are nearly exclusively used for removing water and moisture from carpets and padding. These tools are not practical however when water exceeds an inch in-depth. More powerful pump extractors would need to get utilized to bring the water levels down to a manageable amount for attachments of extractor tools like carpet wands or the squeegee wand previously mentioned for wood flooring.

Apart from the effectiveness of these wands with glue-down carpeting, there are other ways that these tools can help with moisture removal of carpeting. In many situations, stationary equipment gets placed in carpeted areas to force moisture to the surface from the padding. These weighted extractors can do an adequate job of removing most of the moisture, while vacuum attachments like the light wands can finish this task to begin drying.

Carpet wands arrive with our technicians to every water recovery task because of their versatility and ability to penetrate flooring for an easier drying task. If you want to make water losses, “Like it never even happened” in your home, give our SERVPRO of Buffalo Grove / Lake Zurich team a call today at (847) 279-1940.

Our Flood Damage Experts Can Save Your Buffalo Grove Home

12/8/2019 (Permalink)

flooding caused by storm SERVPRO of Buffalo Grove / Lake Zurich can ensure that your home looks, “Like it never even happened.”

SERVPRO Handles Flood Damage in a Buffalo Grove Home

The April 2013 Des Planes and Illinois Rivers flood caused $375 million worth of damage. Several northern Illinois counties were affected and reported record rainfall levels that devastated homes and infrastructure. Worse still, snowmelt in a wet early spring had already saturated the soil, bringing rain speeds as high as two inches an hour. Without proper mitigation after these types of disasters, residents can be left with extensive amounts of damage to their homes.

If your Buffalo Grove home requires fast flood damage cleanup, certified SERVPRO technicians can be at your residence within hours of your call to address the disaster. Whether standing water in your home is an inch or less, or you have several inches of water in your home, SERVPRO teams have the equipment you need to enjoy a pre-flood residence once more.

SERVPRO Has the Tools for the Job
Technicians are outfitted with a wide variety of tools, as well as scientific theory and calculations for using them accurately. Moisture detection and measurement must be precise, comprehensive, and rely on several types of measures. Evaluation tools can include penetrating and non-penetrating sensors and meters as well as advanced infrared Imaging to view moisture-affected areas in and behind structures.

SERVPRO's extraction equipment is also top-of-the-line. It features tools like truck-mounted and portable extraction pumps with heating, pumping, and vacuuming qualities. If high amounts of water need to be pumped, this crew also has access to submersible and gas-powered pumps. Extraction is thorough to ensure successful drying with industrial-grade centrifugal air movers and low-grain refrigerant and desiccant dehumidifiers.

How SERVPRO Can Save Your Home
Whenever a flood affects your home, extraction is key to minimizing disaster and preserving your structures. Proper water removal means technicians are better able to address silt, debris, and other contaminants in floodwater with commercial-grade deodorizers and EPA-registered antimicrobials. In a typical water damage situation, disinfection can be done after drying, but with flooding, this must be done beforehand to minimize the risk of spreading airborne contaminants through the home.

SERVPRO of Buffalo Grove / Lake Zurich can ensure that your home looks, “Like it never even happened.” Call (847) 279-1940 today for fast Disaster Cleanup.

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We Are Ready 24/7 In Wheeling To Restore Your Fire Damaged Home

11/26/2019 (Permalink)

Soot and smoke covering this room after a fire destroyed it Our advanced cleaning techniques and state-of-the-art equipment will restore your property to pre-damage condition after a fire.

Fire Damage in Wheeling Kitchen Gets Fast Turnaround

Kitchen fires are one of the most common ways that fire damage hits homes. In fact, in a report by the Consumer Product Safety Commission, these types of fires account for just over one billion dollars in property damages every year.

When fire damage occurs in Wheeling homes, quick cleanup is vital to limit the spread of the odor throughout the house. Protein fires that occur during cooking are particularly challenging to clean up entirely as the fats turn into a fine, nearly invisible mist with a strong, pungent odor that coats surfaces.

Ceiling and Roof Damage

The high heat and fast burning nature of this type of fire often results in the ceiling and sometimes roof damage. SERVPRO technicians scope the property on arrival to determine if the property requires any temporary emergency repairs such as tarping over fire damaged roofing or boarding over windows. Additionally, if there is a danger of cross-contamination to other areas of the home, it is common for technicians to establish containment around the work site area.

Removal of Non-Restorable Items and Clean Up

The removal of charred sheetrock and other burned items lessen the odor issues in the home. Anything removed is cleared through the property owner or adjuster along with a detailed report created to assist with filing loss claims. SERVPRO technicians test the smoke damage and apply the appropriate chemical agents for the type of residues they are cleaning.

Steps to Eliminate Odors

The intense odor left behind by charring and residues requires several steps to eliminate. SERVPRO technicians remove the soot and deposits using cleaning agents for the particular type of residue they are cleaning. If the HVAC system remained on after the fire, the technicians could also inspect the ductwork to determine if it requires cleaning and if other areas of the home received cross-contamination from the kitchen fire. In cases where additional odor-neutralization applications are necessary, the technicians have different types of equipment to handle the task.

SERVPRO of Buffalo Grove / Lake Zurich at (847) 279-1940 is ready to help homeowners with fire damage 24/7 and make the fire loss "Like it never even happened."

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Why Flood Damage in Wheeling Necessitates Professional Restoration

11/12/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO drying equipment stacked in storage facility Take a peek inside our warehouse. This is just some of the equipment at our disposal to restore your home.

Seeking the Right Help Ensures Wheeling Residents Resolve Flood Damage Incidents Faster

You might be wondering what's next after your house floods. In most cases, you need help from other people to deal with the broad range of issues that develop after flood damage incidents. Common issues that you must address include:

  • Checking and Fixing Electrical Hazards
  • Water Removal
  • Thorough Cleanup
  • Rebuilding Damaged Areas

Different sets of skills might be necessary to fix the variety of problems that develop after flood damage in your Wheeling home. You might even need to involve several professionals for your home, regains its preloss condition. It is possible to avoid such inconvenience by hiring a specialized flood damage restorer like SERVPRO. Our crews include technicians with different sets of skills such as Applied Structural Drying specialists, Water Restoration Technicians, Applied Microbial Remediation Technicians, and Carpet Cleaning Specialists, among others. With such abundant skills, one team can handle most of the restoration work involved.

Financial loss is the standard outcome after a flooding incident. However, ignoring safety issues during the restoration process can also cause grievous bodily harm. Various hazards develop when a property is flooded, with the most common ones being the risk of electrocution and injuries if parts of the structure collapse. Our SERVPRO technicians scope the affected building before starting the restoration process. We confirm that power is off, and then use Electrical Circuit Testers to check areas where we suspect a risk of electrocution. We also confirm that the building is structurally sound before embarking on the restoration process.

Flooding leaves unsanitary conditions in affected properties through soiling and contamination. Various cleaning approaches have to be carried out at the loss site to restore the preloss conditions. Our SERVPRO crews have access to different cleaning equipment that helps deliver exceptional results. We use pressure washers, which spray water at up to 3000psi, readily stripping away stubborn soils from surfaces, especially when we clean the outdoor parts of your structure. We also clean through hot water extraction using the regular extraction equipment we bring to the loss site.

With the right help, fixing flood damage should not be a big deal. Call SERVPRO of Buffalo Grove / Lake Zurich at (847) 279-1940 to help provide the tools and skills to resolve the problem, "Like it never even happened."

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What It Takes for Timely Resolution of Flood Damage Incidents in Buffalo Grove

11/12/2019 (Permalink)

Standing water in a neighborhood. SERVPRO can show you exactly what it takes to get your Buffalo Grove home back to normal in no time.

We have what it takes to get your Buffalo Grove home back after a flood.

Flooding incidents can happen any time, including late at night, or even in the middle of a cold winter. Although flooding is naturally destructive, an incident happening at less opportune times worsens the situation by delaying the response time. Choosing a professional restoration company like SERVPRO that is reachable 24 hours a day helps minimize delays. Apart from responding to calls faster, we also take other steps to ensure timely resolution of flood damage incidents.

Understanding the Situation

Sometimes seeking to fix flood damage incidents in Buffalo Grove fast inadvertently leads to delays by prioritizing the wrong actions. With so many steps involved in the restoration process, including moving items, tearing down walls, and extracting water, it might be tricky to determine what should get top priority. From the vast experience, our SERVPRO crews have, handling such situations, it is easier to make the right plans. For example, when floodwater is yet to recede outside the structure, we can start with other steps instead of focusing on water extraction inside the house.

Ready Storm Trucks

The instantaneous nature of flooding means there might be limited time to make proper response plans after the incident, which can limit the effectiveness of actions taken. Preparing before flooding occurs, therefore, helps. Our SERVPRO teams have access to storm trucks fully packed with water removal equipment and other resources to handle any flooding situation.

Variety of Equipment

Having the right tool can move things along faster, whether dealing with mundane tasks such as cleaning the floors or complicated ones such as removing and refitting paneling. The unique thing about tools is that none is sophisticated enough to handle all jobs. Our SERVPRO crews are well-equipped with everything from water removal equipment, deodorizing equipment, and tools for building tasks.

Flooding incidents cause a wide range of problems, but a fast-tracked restoration process can reduce the long-term impact. Call SERVPRO of Buffalo Grove / Lake Zurich at (847) 279-1940 to help resolve the effects of flooding, "Like it never even happened."

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Our Fast Response Will Save Your Buffalo Grove Bar

10/28/2019 (Permalink)

bar counter in restaurant “Like it never even happened.”

Why Buffalo Grove Bar Managers use SERVPRO for Out-of-hours Commercial Flood Damage Repair

Out of hours, flooding caused by faulty appliances in your bar can cause severe damage if left unchecked. Water may quickly migrate from its source into cavities between floors or the seating area. From there, microbial bacteria in the water can easily cause an initial clean water emergency to become a grey or black water issue. We operate out-of-hours flood restoration for commercial properties throughout the year. Our skilled experts are trained in the latest techniques for quickly removing and rapidly drying your business.

Bar managers that discover commercial flood damage in Buffalo Grove can reach out to us on our twenty four hour line. SERVPRO uses local water restoration technicians (WRT) that are available on-call throughout the night. We run this service to allow our commercial centers the best opportunity to get back to a preloss condition without missing out on daytime revenue. Depending on the size of your commercial property, we can dispatch a single technician or a team to your location and begin mitigating losses.

Flooding can cause several secondary issues. These may include loosening of pre-existing dirt or mold growth that can then contaminate the leaking water. Equally, water that migrates to a seating area can cause furniture fabrics to bleed, shrink, or suffer discoloration. To mitigate against further losses, SERVPRO can shut off the water supply, block furniture, or use plastic sheeting and tarpaulins to reduce the risk of further damage. These small steps can pay big dividends by keeping your claim expenses low and protecting your contents from water damage.

Once the immediate damage-causing factors are mitigated, we can set to work reversing the existing damage. Using pumps alongside water extraction units can help to remove the vast majority of standing water. We can then thoroughly clean, disinfect, and treat surfaces with Biocides to prevent mold growth from occurring. By deploying rapid air-movers and dehumidifiers, SERVPRO can effectively dry both contents and structure. You can then re-open for business, “Like it never even happened.”

For experienced and resourceful commercial services, contact SERVPRO of Buffalo Grove / Lake Zurich at (847) 279-1940.

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Cleaning Soot In Your Buffalo Grove House

10/15/2019 (Permalink)

Burned Out Bed Room covered in soot Give us a call today at (847) 279-1940.

Cleaning Soot Exposed Surfaces After Buffalo Grove Housefires

Soot can be a dangerous and under appreciated threat throughout Buffalo Grove homes following a fire. Many homeowners mistakenly believe that because a fire gets extinguished that its main threats have also gotten quelled, but this is not the case. Particulates like microscopic soot created from partially burned fuels like wood, oil, and other sources can be a health risk to those exposed without the appropriate protective equipment.

Addressing these and other effects of fire damage in Buffalo Grove residences comes down to a fast and confident response. We have a full roster of dedicated professionals with training and expertise as Fire & Smoke Restoration Technicians (FSRT) accredited through the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC).

Because of the acidic composition of soot residues, they become a danger to surfaces, countertops, construction materials, and the contents of your home right away. The longer that these residues sit on the affected areas, the more damage they can do. Marring and staining of surfaces can happen while you debate on the best restoration company to handle the fire loss effects in your home. The prompt response of our SERVPRO team can help to limit these irreparable effects by clearing soot and smoke residues from exposed surfaces quickly.

It is unwise for homeowners to attempt to remove soot residues on their own, primarily because of the risks involved with airborne soot particulates. These microscopic hazards can be a considerable health risk with the right level of exposure, and any DIY restorer should proceed with caution. Also, improper cleaning techniques for settled soot can lead to smearing. Once smearing occurs, then staining follows. Even with the advanced equipment and products available to our SERVPRO team, stained construction materials and contents are almost impossible to clean.

We strive to provide every customer with a tailored experience that suits the specific needs of their home, and that begins with identifying the presence of soot and the best approach to remove it safely. You can count on the swift response and expertise of our SERVPRO of Buffalo Grove / Lake Zurich team after a fire. Give us a call today at (847) 279-1940.

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Here Is What You Should Do For Your Flood Damage Situation in Buffalo Grove

10/13/2019 (Permalink)

flooded area with a home Whether flooding is from a river, a storm or internal pipe break, team SERVPRO has you covered. Contact us right away.

Buffalo Grove Flood Damage Resolves Successfully with Professional Response

Our community was under a tornado warning recently, with Buffalo Grove residents readying for the personal harm and property devastation that can follow such storms. High winds and pounding precipitation is something our region increasingly copes with regardless of the date on the calendar. As flooding and exterior damage from year-round storm activity becomes commonplace, it is more important than ever to line up an experienced and professional response. Our team prepares for crises like this.

Do-It-Yourself Equipment Is Not up to the Task

Significant flood damage develops inside Buffalo Grove homes during storm activity. If roofs and siding are compromised, water can flood in from top to bottom, saturating every level of your house before collecting in your basement. Overland flash flooding or seepage from the saturated ground surrounding your home tends to enter lower levels, rising by inches or feet. Consumer water removal equipment such as wet-dry vacuums cannot handle the quantity of floodwater adequately.

A Team Approach

Even our heavy-duty commercial equipment is only half of the equation. When SERVPRO arrives to assess your flooding scenario, we assign trained and experienced team members to the tasks indicated, scaling our response to the intensity of the damage. Our service vehicles stock multiple pumps, extractors, and drying equipment, permitting us to double or triple down on the job if your flooding is substantial. Water removal completes much faster with adequate equipment and sufficient numbers of trained operators. This approach increases the odds that most building materials can be restored, avoiding tear out and replacement.

Safe Contaminated Water Assessment and Management

The SERVPRO team confidently categorizes the water flooding your home, creating a safe and legal plan to contain and dispose of significantly contaminated fluids. Our crew wears personal protective equipment (PPE) and takes appropriate precautions to shield the rest of your home from the affected areas. Floodwaters are typically considered Category 3, containing human and animal waste, including blood and fecal-borne pathogens. We contain the fluids and dispose of them according to local regulations. Negative pressure air scrubbers help us seal off the contaminated spaces and filter any airborne viruses, bacteria, or other hazards in our workspaces. EPA-registered antimicrobials and cleaners applied to the soiled surfaces inhibit the spread of pathogens, readying the space for applied structural drying.

SERVPRO of Buffalo Grove / Lake Zurich is poised to help our community’s residents recover from storm and flood damage. Call us at (847) 279-1940 to arrange for an assessment and recovery plan and its implementation.

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