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Lake Zurich Water Damage Recovery

9/12/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage Lake Zurich Water Damage Recovery Dehumidifiers Are Crucial to Water Removal in Lake Zurich

SERVPRO Offers Restoration Services Post Water Intrusion

The word flood right now means millions of gallons of water and a city underneath it all. Most damage to homes comes from smaller, more mundane sources. Split pipes and rusted out water heaters usually result in higher repair costs than the type of disaster we see in the news now.

Stopping water damage in a Lake Zurich home requires more than just pumping out standing water. A restoration team needs a wide inventory of skills and tools to stop water from destroying carpets, furniture, and the structure. Every SERVPRO office has access to a nationwide network of equipment and training that meets the standards of the restoration industry.

Water quickly absorbs into everything except brick and stone. If we can draw it out fast enough, then it is not necessary to replace floors, furniture, or even walls. The way we do this is to raise the temperature and lower the humidity while drawing water from the air.

We start by installing portable space heaters. The range to dry a home is 70 to 90 degrees. The closer to 90 we can raise the temperature, the better. Our technicians are careful not to raise the temperature too high, too quickly though. If they do, then the moisture content in the air increases. Technicians set-up dehumidifiers to bring down the air moisture content (humidity) as the temperature rises. Our initial goal is to lower the humidity to under 60 percent which decreases the drying time. Depending on the number of dehumidifiers and the size of the room, we can draw enough water from the air to lower the humidity by 20 percent in a single day.

To increase the efficiency of these devices, we also deploy fans and air movers at key points in the home. The fans draw out the cooler, moist air as the air movers generate warmer, dry air to replace it. We also use air movers along walls to dry out sheetrock, wood paneling, and ceiling tiles before they become compromised by the water.

Returning a home to its original condition is difficult regardless of the source of water. Reducing and preventing further damage requires a trained team of restoration experts. SERVPRO of Buffalo Grove / Lake Zurich is here to help you put your home and life back together. Call us today at (847) 279-1940 to schedule an inspection and learn more about what we can do for you.

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Torrential Storms Increase the Risk of Flood Damage in the Buffalo Grove Area

9/10/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Torrential Storms Increase the Risk of Flood Damage in the Buffalo Grove Area When you have a flooded home, it's time to call the flood damage restoration experts at SERVPRO. Call right after the event for best results.

Flooding can Happen Very Quickly as a Result of Changing Weather Patterns

Storms forming around the Buffalo Grove area can produce several inches of water in a brief time. While this may not result in a flooded home when the water travels and congregates elsewhere, this can become very troublesome for homeowners.
When drenched by a storm, homes can have flood damage in Buffalo Grove. It can occur both rapidly and unexpectedly. When flooding is known about and expected, removing anything of value to higher levels in your home can prevent many expensive losses. However, sudden floods can surprise residents, and only a few inches of floodwater entering a home can result in thousands of dollars in damaged furnishings and interior structures.
SERVPRO's technicians are always ready to assist with restoring a home. We have earned IICRC certificates in Water Damage Restoration (WRT) and related fields, and know your home is central to your family's sense of normalcy. Working as quickly as possible without making mistakes ensures completion of your family home's restoration as soon as possible.
Complete drying out of furniture, carpets, and affected personal belongings must happen soon after water is pumped out. Dampness permits mold and mildew to flourish in as little as 48 hours. Other problems such as weakened supports within a home can become apparent later through sagging of floors and cracking of walls and ceiling joints. Before applying microbial inhibitors and other cleaning agents that help restore your furnishings, it is important to verify that no abnormal levels of moisture may exist.
We can pack up and clean all of the affected belongings at our facility or in the home in an unaffected area, depending on the specific situation and homeowners' preferences. When completed and the home's flooded area shows no signs of damage, returning these items to their original locations happens as quickly as possible.
Understanding of your needs during trying situations brought on by Mother Nature, SERVPRO of Buffalo Grove / Lake Zurich has the caring professionals who are only a phone call away. Regardless of the time of day or night, reaching us is as easy as calling (847) 279-1940. Restoring your home flood damage begins with one phone call.

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Water Damage Restoration After Toilet Overflow in Buffalo Grove

8/15/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage Water Damage Restoration After Toilet Overflow in Buffalo Grove Make sure to place a quick call to SERVPRO if your toilet ever overflows. Our technicians arrive equipped to remove the water and clean up damage.

SERVPRO Technicians Tackle Water Removal Quickly to Prevent Any Secondary Damages From Setting in

When your upstairs toilet has overflowed, and water gets on your wood floors, walls, carpeting, or ceiling below, it is important to use water removal and extraction services as soon as you can. Home water damage restoration is truly needed when you have water leaks or flooding in your home so your property can be restored to its preloss condition.
The extraction of water needs to happen as soon as possible after water damage happens in your Buffalo Grove home. Doing so reduces the losses you sustain and how much time it takes to dry your property fully. At SERVPRO, we use equipment which is powerful, truck-mounted to extract the water thoroughly and fast. We also have specialized devices to determine the moisture levels in your ceilings and walls to find any trapped or hidden water.
When we arrive at your home, our technicians perform a free visual inspection with infrared cameras and moisture meters. We identify the source of the water leak and stop it, then make an action plan to get your home dry again. We also pack out, move, or block any furniture to prevent it from being damaged any further. All the excess moisture is extracted from carpeting and wood flooring as well.
Once we extract the excess water, cleanup and restoration of your home can begin. We spray an anti-microbial to prevent mold from growing and start the drying process with high-tech dehumidifiers and air movers. Each day, we monitor the moisture levels to ensure that your home is completely dried. Dehumidifiers and fans are moved accordingly to ensure proper drying.
All damaged materials can then be reconstructed, including ceilings, walls, and flooring. We also help you get in contact with your insurance company to ensure that you get the coverage you need.
When you hire SERVPRO of Buffalo Grove/Lake Zurich to clean up your toilet overflow damage, you can rest assured you are getting a quality and competent company. We work quickly to prevent further damage to your home and possessions, all while treating you with the utmost of care when you call us at (847) 279-1940.
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Commercial Flood Damage that Soaks the Inventory in Your Buffalo Grove Warehouse

8/1/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial Commercial Flood Damage that Soaks the Inventory in Your Buffalo Grove Warehouse Flooded Parking and Warehouses Use SERVPRO for Rapid Water Extraction in Buffalo Grove

SERVPRO Mitigates Inventory Loss from Flood Damage

Warehouses are typically safe locations that protect their contents from the elements outside, theft, and other sources of damage. When goods become damaged, they also become losses, unable to be sold at their intended prices. When the cause of damaging effects come from within the warehouse, the result can be catastrophic to any sized business.
Buffalo Grove area warehouses contain products intended for many different companies, waiting to be shipped out, making commercial flood damage a horrendous problem for every business involved. When products must be re-manufactured to make up for the losses, this can result in downtime with all its related consequences.
SERVPRO can help decrease the effects of broken water lines that have caused flooding by refurbishing any inventory adversely affected. Invading water inside a warehouse is almost always clean at its source (Category 1). However, contact with various substances, with fertilizers in permeable containers and boxed detergents being some of the most harmful, this classification changes to Categories 2 or 3.
Whenever category changes happen, decontamination must also be part of the remediation process. Decontamination prevents possible ill effects later, brought on by contact with other, more salvageable items inside the warehouse.
In effect, remediation of your flooded warehouse comes about by the following processes: removal of all standing water, followed by extraction and drying out of all surfaces, structures, and contents. Then the application of inhibitors (microbial growth and rust/corrosion) to appropriate surfaces, use of air scrubbers to remove microbes, pathogens, and other airborne particles, use of dehumidifiers to re-establish a normal moisture level, deodorization methods, as needed, to fulfill our customer's request.
The professional technicians at SERVPRO of Buffalo Grove / Lake Zurich know the importance of your warehouse to the companies and businesses depending on you. Calling us at (847) 279-1940 as soon as you are aware that flood damage exists can keep inventory losses low, and speed up the process, so we finish faster.

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Unexpected Places at Risk of Mold Damage in Your Lake Zurich Home

7/31/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Unexpected Places at Risk of Mold Damage in Your Lake Zurich Home Our technicians inspect your house thoroughly for the source of the mold. They also leave you with tips and hints to prevent another infestation.

SERVPRO Technicians Thoroughly Investigate a Home From Top to Bottom When Called in for Mold Issues

Mold occurs naturally in the environment, which means that most homes are in danger of mold growing at some point. All the fungi needs is a food source and dampness. Houses provide plenty of food sources such as carpets, drapes, furniture, and drywall or even wood, which is why SERVPRO recommends householders be vigilant about checking for colonies in their home.
Often when people talk about mold damage, they talk about obvious areas where it might grow. Rooms that are usually damp or humid such as bathrooms, laundry rooms or even kitchens, are clear risks for mold growth. However, mold can sneak into many other areas of your Lake Zurich home too. You can reduce the risk of fungal growth in your house by keeping an eye on the following unexpected places.
Window sills. Check the tops and bottoms of window sills regularly and wipe them down as soon as you see condensation forming. Condensation provides the wet environment mold needs to grow.
Wallpaper. Mold that grows behind wallpaper is hard to see. Wallpaper that peels or looks damp or discolored is a giveaway sign. SERVPRO helps you assess the situation by using moisture meters and probes that penetrate the surface and show any damp patches.
Air conditioning units. Your AC system provides a breeding ground for mold when it is left unused. We recommend running your AC unit for ten minutes every day to clear out any condensation. If the mold problem is extensive, call our IICRC-certified technicians. We clean the mold from AC units and establish containment so the spores cannot spread further into your home.
Carpets. A wet carpet provides an ideal place for mold growth. Carpet mold is not easy to spot at first, but if you notice that your carpet is damp to the touch or smells musty, that is an indication of a problem. Our technicians can advise you on whether the carpet is beyond repair. We have air movers and dehumidifiers on hand to dry out salvageable carpets.
Chimneys. Rain and snow falling into chimneys makes them damp and gives mold a place to bloom. It is a good idea to call in a chimney sweep once a year to keep your chimney clean and dry.
Attics. Attics are often under used and as such may become cold and damp. It is a good idea to call SERVPRO at the first sign of fungus in your attic. We assess the situation and devise the ideal drying plan to restore your attic and discourage regrowth.
SERVPRO of Buffalo Grove / Lake Zurich is on hand to deal with hidden spores. Call us at (847) 279-1940 today for help.

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Water Removal is Needed for Both Large and Small Water Problems in Lake Zurich Office Buildings and Homes

7/9/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage Water Removal is Needed for Both Large and Small Water Problems in Lake Zurich Office Buildings and Homes Drips and Deluges Can Both Result in Water Damage to Your Lake Zurich Property

Trust SERVPRO to Mitigate Damages Caused by Water to Your Structure

Water removal is not always an extensive undertaking that requires a pump truck sitting outside your office. There might be a time when you need this kind of service for much smaller problems. However, to allow such shallower (no pun intended) problems to remain as they are because they seem too inconsequential is never a good idea because secondary water damage is always a possibility. When water is permitted to linger where it should not be many possible, but highly preventable, problems become much more likely in the future.

Office buildings and homes have many locations throughout where water can become problematic and when a pipe bursts or a toilet overflows, water removal is the only real solution to the predicament. SERVPRO has the equipment needed, no matter how large or small the problem might be, that can reverse the situation. If water damage strikes your property in Lake Zurich, make the call.
We always use the most efficient tools so that we provide the best results at the lowest cost to our customer. We realize that having a disastrous situation involving water is bad enough – workflow interruptions, possible damage to equipment, safety issues, and basic repairs – and having an overly expensive and inefficient team can result in not only shoddy work, but also additional problems. We avoid all of this by staffing only qualified workers and then train them extensively according to SERVPRO corporate and IICRC standards.
Removing all excess water from your office can significantly reduce the chances of the development of mold. Also, water removal can help prevent the increased disintegration of your building's structure while protecting your contents from a large number of potentially difficult and destructive situations.
Our processes and methods include not only the removal of the liquid water but also the water that has evaporated into the air. Not only can even a slight elevation of humidity make breathing uncomfortable, but it can also damage, albeit slowly, computer components, electrical wiring, many types of textiles, fragile documents, and paintings Increased moisture in the air can even become trapped inside of double glass window panes. The central HVAC system can also suffer from excess moisture resulting in mold proliferation and a reduction in healthy indoor air quality.
Having water removal services conducted to extract every trace of water in your building is crucial to sound business activities, and we are here to help you fulfill that goal. Calling SERVPRO of Buffalo Grove / Lake Zurich at (847) 279-1940 is the first step toward accomplishing this.

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Flood Damage from Bathtub Overflow in your Buffalo Grove Home

6/30/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Flood Damage from Bathtub Overflow in your Buffalo Grove Home Don't let a simple bathtub overflow cause more problems in the home. Call SERVPRO if that happens and we will remediate quickly to try and avoid mold.

Restoration Companies like SERVPRO Take the Guesswork Out of Figuring Out Whether Your Home is Dry after Flooding with Tools Made Especially for the Job

When you forget to turn off the water in your tub to take a phone call, a child starts the water and leaves it without telling anyone, or your overflow drain was not working correctly, you have an accidental water loss. They can cause serious damage to your home that you need to address quickly.
Extreme flood damage can be done to your carpeting, subfloor, drywall, the ceiling and walls underneath the tub and more. Depending on how quickly you call in a remediation company such as SERVPRO to repair the damage in your Buffalo Grove home, many of these can be saved. When you let the issue sit for several days, you are dealing with things such as a strong odor and microbial growth behind the drywall. Plus, since the water had time to soak into the subfloor, the moisture content of the floor is very high, creating the need to remove the subfloor to ensure that it dries thoroughly.
When water goes down through the ceiling, you have damage to ceiling tiles or sections of your ceiling. We need to take these down so we can properly dry the area above them and may need to replace the sections of ceiling. A setup of ducting can be inserted into the ceiling area that was affected so we can pump warm, dry, dehumidified air into the cavity to speed up drying and guard against the growth of mold.
With SERVPRO, moisture content is checked daily with moisture meters, hygrometers, and hydro sensors. Snake cameras may also be employed to give visual confirmation that confined areas such as under cabinets or in the wall cavities are thoroughly dry.
Other areas that were hit by the water below the bathroom are dried using containment, air movers, and dehumidifiers. The containment minimizes the volume of air to be dried and speeds up the drying of the ceiling because of water moving from an area of high water concentration to an area of low concentration.
SERVPRO of Buffalo Grove/Lake Zurich greatly understands the stress of such a disaster, and moves quickly to have your home back to its condition before the damage. We can always be reached at (847) 279-1940, so do not hesitate when your home floods due to a bathtub overflow.

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Avoid a Box Office Run On Refunds With an Emergency Ready Plan in Buffalo Grove

6/26/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial Avoid a Box Office Run On Refunds With an Emergency Ready Plan in Buffalo Grove Don't let water damage behind the scenes cancel the show. Call SERVPRO and be ready for any type of damage.

SERVPRO Delivers Quick Water Damage Remedation So That the Show Can Go On

Entertainment venues must deliver on performances promised to their patrons of the arts. Water damage in the theater needs rapid restoration to ensure honoring of play dates, keeping both performers and the audience comfortable and safe. SERVPRO offers clients in the theater business a chance to plan for disasters with our highly qualified project managers, developing a plan that supports fast and focused restoration.
Shared lodging, dining, and entertainment spaces risk commercial water damage to Buffalo Grove’s popular children’s and musical theater industry. A plumbing fail in the resort’s guest rooms, pools or restaurants quickly spreads to the stage areas, threatening your play and musical schedule. People plan theater attendance with friends and family far in advance for shared memories. Local businesses, schools, and other groups buy blocks of tickets for special events. Delaying dramatic satisfaction need not be an option when our skilled staff put recovery planning designed especially for your situation in motion.

Carpeting, padded upholstered seats, sets, costumes, and the stage itself are on the endangered list when water floods in from a burst pipe or a overfilled tub or pool in a distant area of the resort. SERVPRO works with theater management to pinpoint where water jeopardizes structures and fixtures when you invite us in for an Emergency Ready Profile and Plan assessment. No one knows better than you what items need first attention when water damage occurs. You also help us map out a blueprint of your stage, audience, and backstage areas, identifying utility shutoffs and electrical power configurations. We make suggestions to limit damage should a water or other emergency occur.
Determine which of the theater team you authorize to call for and guide our reaction, so response timing and implementation is seamless. Relax knowing you have an agenda crafted that restores water damage in a swift and thoroughly professional manner whether you or your hand-picked staff direct our efforts. You and your team gain a clear vision of how SERVPRO remediates water damage, moving from water extraction to a comprehensive drying plan that minimizes the chance of collateral, long lasting harm like mold growth or the weakening of the main structural supports.
We know how unacceptable missing even one performance is for your business, so we organize our water damage response, so the show goes on. Schedule an assessment with an experienced project manager from SERVPRO of Buffalo Grove / Lake Zurich at (847) 279-1940 and develop your Emergency Ready Profile and Plan.

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Nip Buffalo Grove Sunroom Mold In The Bud

6/7/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Nip Buffalo Grove Sunroom Mold In The Bud Prevent Moisture and Mold in Your Buffalo Grove Sun Room

Trust SERVPRO for Mold Remediation to Your Buffalo Grove Property

Additions to your home like sunrooms and three season porches often lack the same roof coverings and underpinnings as the rest of your house. Climate control is more difficult within these rooms, causing a potential imbalance of humid air or condensation inside leading to mold growth. SERVPRO is uniquely positioned to help you remediate this problem.

Even trace amounts of moisture feed mold continuing the damage in your Buffalo Grove home. If you have a sunroom that has a flat roof and no basement or a porch with a neglected crawlspace and ill-fitting windows water finds many ways to invade and nurture microbial growth. We are experts in locating, containing and removing mold colonies, and also help you recognize the changes needed to keep the moisture out.
Perhaps the water drained poorly from a flat roof, or an ice dam built up and made its way into your sunroom via cracks and rafters. A loose window allowed water to blow inside a porch, rotting sills. Dark staining on the ceiling, crumbling wood, and a musty smell are the clues. SERVPRO staff contains the visible mold and also searches above the ceiling or behind walls to see if other structures have microbial colonies of their own. As much as possible the mold is removed from the surfaces, but if it invades within drywall or deep into the wood the building materials must come out as well. We disinfect the areas, sealing if indicated with proper products and dispose of the moldy debris. Our team works with other contractors when needed to replace the missing components, restoring the look and function of the rooms.
SERVPRO technicians also search for a way to prevent the water from infiltrating. Roof repair or drainage reconfiguring is a possible set of answers. Windows receiving caulking and proper vapor barriers under and over uninsulated areas help even out humidity levels and condensation problems. We realize these types of rooms are tricky to maintain in areas of the country where the weather hits both extremes of cold and heat. Heavy precipitation, water, sleet, ice, and snow, all contribute and need to be dealt with proactively. Our AMRT crew prides itself on helping with these difficult problems in our wide-ranging climate.
Frustrations regarding troubling mold damage have answers when you contact SERVPRO of Buffalo Grove / Lake Zurich. Set up an inspection through our home office at (847) 279-1940. For info on Buffalo Grove click here.

Storm Preparation

11/22/2016 (Permalink)

Preparation Kit

There are a few items you are going to want to have in case of a snowstorm.  The governmental Ready Campaign’s Public Service Announcement lists the items recommended to add to your emergency kit.  The Public Service Announcement list contains rock salt, sand, snow shovels, heating fuel, and sufficient clothing.  It may not be a bad idea to keep these items in your vehicle if you drive.  The full list specifically regarding vehicles also includes a flashlight, windshield scraper, battery powered radio, batteries, water, snack food, matches, First aid kit, pocket knife, necessary medications, rope, booster cables, flares, and a fluorescent distress flag.  The distress flag may come at a shock, but if you are trapped with your vehicle as your only shelter it might come in handy.


Be Informed

The Federal Emergency Management Agency and the American Red Cross have created phone applications that give alerts and warnings.  These applications also provide information on first aid and finding shelters.  There are also two terms you may want to familiarize yourself with regarding alerts.  They are “watch” and “warning.”  The difference is a winter storm watch means that the storm is possible in your area.  Watches are generally issues 12 to 36 hours in advance of the storm.  However, a winter storm warning means that there will be a storm in your area, or it is already present.


House Preparation

There are a several different steps you can take to prepare your home for a snowstorm.  Common knowledge suggests increasing insulation.  This includes walls, attics, windows, doors, and pipes.  Insulating the items suggested will help keep heat in the home throughout the winter season.  If you have a chimney it would be a good idea to have it cleaned and inspected annually.  Having a fire extinguisher available would not hurt either.  However, what I believe to be the most important part of house preparation is learning how to shut off each of your water valves.  This is in case a pipe bursts.  The faster you can turn off that valve related to the specific pipe burst, the less damage will be inflicted on the house.  If it takes you an additional five minutes to learn how to turn off that valve, that is five more additional minutes of water flooding from the broken pipe.